OnTarget™ is a powerful new tool for detection and quantification of tumor mutations in plasma or tissue.


  • Detect up to 100 mutations without sample splitting
  • Quantify mutations present at 0.01% allele frequency and above
  • Customize panels for any set of mutations


The OnTarget system is available via commercial partnership for clinical and pharmaceutical services.

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The OnTarget Workflow

Mutation enrichment with OnTarget™ adds only approximately one hour to a standard next-generation sequencing workflow.



DNA extracted and quantified with qPCR


Limited-cycle PCR with sample-ID barcodes

Select Mutations

Mutant alleles enriched over wild-type with the OnTarget instrument

Construct Library

Secondary indexing barcodes added and samples pooled


Mutations detected using the MiSeq


Mutations quantified with the OnTarget data analysis software



OnTarget Instrument


OnTarget™ Mutation Detection is based on targeted analysis of mutant alleles over wild-type nucleic acids in an optimized sample-to-answer workflow with single molecule sensitivity.

The OnTarget instrument uses Boreal’s highly selective molecular separation technology to enrich targeted alleles – learn more about the OnTarget technology.

Boreal has developed a combined OnTarget + MiSeq workflow to optimize sample and mutation multiplexing; however, OnTarget can also be integrated with other mutation detection assays.

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Mutation Detection Kits


OnTarget™ reagent kits include all materials necessary for pre-amplification, enrichment, and library preparation for the MiSeq.



Data Analysis Software


The OnTarget system includes a data analysis tool to process MiSeq FASTQ files and generate a report with mutations detected, allele quantification, and sample-specific assay LOD.



System Specification

The OnTarget assay has no minimum volume or input mass requirement. Boreal provides the following recommended sample guidelines


  • Single molecule sensitivity with 0.01% specificity
  • ≥ 0.01% mutant allele frequency

Recommended Inputs

  • Plasma ≥ 1 mL
  • FFPE Tissue ≥ one 5 µm section (5 mg)
  • Fresh-Frozen Tissue ≥ 1 mg
  • Purified DNA no minimum input mass – number of genome equivalents will determine final assay sensitivity



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