OnTarget™ mutation detection is available as a laboratory service for identification and quantification of tumor mutations in plasma or tissue.


  • Select pre-configured or custom panels of up to 100 mutations
  • Submit plasma, FFPE and fresh-frozen tissue, or DNA samples
  • Receive a report with mutations quantified at ≥0.01% abundance


OnTarget™ services are for research-use only, not for diagnostic use.

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1. Select Mutation Panel

Choose from pre-configured or custom panels

2. Ship Samples to Boreal

Complete our sample submission form containing shipment instructions

3. Mutation Detection

Boreal analyzes samples with the OnTarget assay

4. Receive Report

Boreal provides a detailed report including measured allele frequency



Turnaround Time

The OnTarget workflow takes only two days from sample to sequencing results; we will provide a quote for current turnaround upon acceptance of the sample submission form and statement of work.


An OnTarget Mutation Analysis report includes summary of mutations detected with the assay, measured allele frequency, and limit of detection for each mutation in the panel.  The report also includes a detailed analysis of sample QC, summary of methods and data analysis, and complete analysis of individual allele detected/not detected results.



Sample Submission

Request a sample submission form containing shipment and packaging instructions to define samples for mutation profiling.

Service Specifications

The OnTarget assay has no minimum volume or input mass requirement. Boreal provides the following recommended guidelines for sample submission – samples outside of these ranges can be accepted with an approved statement of work.


  • Single molecule sensitivity with 0.01% specificity
  • ≥ 0.01% mutant allele frequency

Recommended Samples

  • Plasma ≥ 1 mL
  • FFPE Tissue ≥ one 5 µm section (5 mg)
  • Fresh-Frozen Tissue ≥ 1 mg
  • Purified DNA no minimum input mass – number of genome equivalents will determine final assay sensitivity



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