At Boreal, we are committed to improving cancer patient care through development of blood-based tests for non-invasive tumor profiling.

Today, genomic profiling of cancer is increasingly important for cancer research, clinical trials and drug development programs. As more targeted therapies are developed and approved, recurrent genomic profiling of tumors will be essential for administration of therapy, patient selection in clinical trials, and monitoring of therapy response. New approaches are required as current technologies for tumor mutation detection are invasive and not well suited for repeated tumor profiling. We are overcoming this challenge by developing breakthrough tests for non-invasive, real-time detection and monitoring of tumor mutations.

We are a team of specialists in cancer genomics, molecular biology, engineering and physics with a passion to develop technology that impacts cancer research and treatment. We are confident that our technology will enable the first practical method for non-invasive tumor profiling. We invite you to join us in our quest to help cancer researchers and clinicians transform patient care through earlier detection and monitoring of cancer.