Scientific Publications

December 2014 | Oncotarget

Mutation profiling of tumor DNA from plasma and tumor tissue of colorectal cancer patients with a novel, high-sensitivity multiplexed mutation detection platform | PDF | HTML

February 2012 | PLoS ONE

Winnowing DNA for Rare Sequences: Highly Specific Sequence and Methylation Based Enrichment | PDF | HTML

October 2010 | Cold Spring Harbor Protocols

Efficient genomic DNA extraction from low target concentration bacterial cultures using SCODA DNA extraction technology | PDF | HTML

September 2009 | PNAS

Nonlinear electrophoretic response yields a unique parameter for separation of biomolecules | PDF | HTML

February 2008 | JALA

An Instrument for Automated Purification of Nucleic Acids from Contaminated Forensic Samples | PDF | HTML

January 2005 | Electrophoresis

Novel electrophoresis mechanism based on synchronous alternating drag perturbation | PDF | HTML

Recent publications featuring Boreal technologies

S. Schmedes et. al. | December 2012 | Int’l Journal of Legal Medicine

Effective removal of co-purified inhibitors from extracted DNA samples using synchronous coefficient of drag alteration (SCODA) technology | HTML

J.J. Schwartz et. al. | October 2012 | PNAS

Capturing native long-range contiguity by in situ library construction and optical sequencing | HTML

R.L. Welch et. al. | July 2012 | Lab on a Chip

Denaturation mapping of Saccharomyces cerevisiae | HTML

K. Engel et. al. | Jan 2012 | Journal of Microbiological Methods

Nonlinear electrophoresis for purification of soil DNA for metagenomics | HTML

Press Releases

October 3, 2013

Boreal Genomics Secures $18 Million Series C Financing | PDF

February 16, 2012

Boreal Genomics Announces Early Access Program for OnTarget™ Allele Enrichment System | PDF

October 6, 2011

Boreal Genomics Announces Launch of Aurora Nucleic Acid Purification System | PDF